Snow Sports Conditioning

Snow Sports Conditioning

Want to tear up the mountains like you did when you were a kid? This class will enable you to ski stronger, longer and more confidently. Designed with a focus on ski and snowboard specific strength and conditioning, these workouts will have you feeling and skiing your best.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Studio 3


October Session

12 classes
October 12–November 18
$240 Members | $360 Guests
$144 Livestream

December Session

6 classes
November 30–December 16
$120 Members | $180 Guests
$72 Livestream

January Session

8 classes
January 4–January 27
$160 Members | $240 Guests
$96 Livestream


  • Improve your body mechanics, posture, balance and alignment
  • Improve your coordination, agility and strength
  • Optimize your performance and minimize injury

For More Information

Tracy Fellows, Group Fitness / Drill Instructor

303.770.2582 x262