Thermal Yoga 101

Thermal Yoga 101

Want to learn more about Thermal Yoga so that you can step into a class and know exactly what to expect?

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Members $50 | Guests $60
Jade Studio

The workshop will include a 60-minute Thermal Yoga class giving students an opportunity to apply what they learned. The heat will be set at 105 degrees/ 55% humidity.

During this three hour workshop, participants will:

  • Learn alignment principles and modifications for the fixed sequence of 26 postures
  • Receive feedback and hands on assists to help better understand alignment in each pose
  • Learn and apply traditional forms of pranayama/breath exercises specific to Thermal Yoga
  • Dive into the history of this unique style of yoga and its numerous benefits

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Malissa Schwamm, Yoga Instructor

[email protected]

303.770.2582 x324

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