Stages Flight: An Indoor Cycling System

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What is Stages Flight?

Stages Flight is an interactive indoor cycling display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually, rewarding their effort, while in a group environment no matter what level they are currently at!


Stages Flight Advantage

  • Track your performance
  • Set goals
  • Intensity Rides for Interval Training
  • Team up and race in Competition rides
  • Take on Challenge rides
  • Keep track of your ride history on the app


Riding with a power meter removes the guesswork involved in estimating how well you are riding, how much work you’ve done, and how many calories you’ve burned. When you ride with a power meter, you get a quantitative number that tells you exactly how much effort you are expending, which enables you to track your progress and hit your goals.

Time spent in different exercise intensities results in different physiological adaptations. Use the colored training zones to match the Stages Flight target power during intensity profile rides prescribed by your instructor or coach. All zones are based on a percentage of your best sustainable effort (FTP) and are unique to each cyclist.

The Power Zones

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✓ Track your progress, book your bike, and personalize your experience.

✓ Reach your goal faster with Stages Flight.


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