Tennis Drills

Club Greenwood Tennis Online

We miss all of you, and I am sure you are missing your tennis by now too! In order to stay connected during this crazy time and help you keep your tennis skills sharp, we have created the opportunity for our members to work out with us online. Enjoy!

Outdoor Court Safety Protocols with Leo

Leo takes you on a tour of the outdoor courts and demonstrates what you can expect coming back to the Club!

Tennis Staff

Tennis Meets Toilet Paper

The Club Greenwood tennis desk staff shows off their skills!


More Tennis with Ron

Imagination Tennis

This is a great drill for home! Try “Imagination Tennis”.

Leo Teryazos

More Tennis with Leo

Medicine Ball Drills

Medicine ball drills with Leo to improve the power of your shot.

Family Fun with Peggy Bernardis

Under Spin is Your Friend: Ages 7 to Adult

With your racquet, ball and a wall, you can practice backspin with these fun ideas! Practice for 10 minutes each time.

Off the Wall: Ages 4 to Adult

Grab your racquet, ball, and a wall or garage door (ask mom or dad first). How many can you do? With these great tips, you are sure to be a big hit! Can’t wait to hear how many you get!

Rapunzel: Ages 5 to Adult

Enjoy these valuable, creative exercises which will enhance your strokes used with your continental grip. Perform each exercise 10 times with the appropriate progression. Have fun!

Creative Catch: Ages 4 to Adult

Grab a tennis ball, 2 buckets and a partner. Learn how to enhance the unit turn, anticipation, spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination. Can you get 10 catches in a row? If this is too easy, toss the ball away from your partner to encourage movement. Make sure you toss to both sides of the body. These skills will help transfer tremendously on the tennis court!

Control and Explode: Ages 4 to Adult

Get your racquets, ball and a partner to work on a control swing speed, followed by an explosive game of tag. A great workout with a ton of fun!

Kavan Hahn

Improve Your Toss

Improve your toss at home for a more consistent serve.

Fun Footwork

Beckham and Bailey’s Footwork Drills.

Tips for Your Volley

Drop Shots with Kavan

Slice Groundstrokes

Mary Lynn

Foot Faults

Mary Lynn answers your questions about Foot Faults on the tennis court.


Tennis Starts with Love

The Many Benefits of Tennis

Rhona Kaczmarczyk

The 4 R’s with Rhona

Rhona shares the importance of having a solid routine and the 4 R’s.

Part 1

Part 2

The Backhand Volley

The importance of the nondominant hand and how to improve its use during backhand volleys.

The Half Volley

Rhona demonstrates how to improve one of the trickiest shots in Tennis, the half volley.

Joe Edles

Improve your Forehand Volley

A simple exercise to improve your forehand volley performance.


Racquet Flipping Challenge

Get to know your racquet better by practicing this racquet flipping technique!