Tennis with Ron Steege

Tennis with Ron Steege

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Open Stance

Ron answers a member’s question, “should I be using an open stance on my backhand?”

The Reverse Pivot

If you’re running back for a deep ball, try a “Reverse Pivot” to avoid turning into a pretzel.

Transfer Footwork

Incorporate “Transfer” footwork into your game for a more effective return of serve!

Add the Brake-Step

Add the Brake-Step and another special move to your footwork, and you’ll be 50% faster on the court today!

The Split Step

Ron talks about one of the most misunderstood moves in Tennis.

Open Stance

Ron demonstrates how and why you should learn to use the “Open Stance” on your forehand.

Whoosh Drills

Take your game to the next level with 50-100 reps daily of the “Whoosh” drill!

Whoosh Drill Part 1

Whoosh Drill Part 2

Find a Wall Part 1

Watch Ron demonstrate how to work your volley skills with surfaces around your house.

Find a Wall Part 2

Watch Ron demonstrate how to work your groundstroke skills with surfaces around your house.

Balancing for Better Footwork

Ron demonstrates how to improve your balance for better footwork.

Stay Familiar with Your Racket

Carry your racket around the house and maintain your tennis game.