Ups and Downs

By Mary Lynn Garger, Tennis Pro

Earlier this morning, one of our nieces sent a precious video of her 11 month-old son standing up on his own for the very first time. While filming the video, her squeals of delight could be heard in the background, as there was no containing her excitement of this joyous occasion. We, too, could not help but smile from ear to ear.

This video and image stayed with me throughout the day, especially when I left the house for a long walk and some much needed fresh air. As I walked the paths of the Cherry Creek State Park, my mind was drawn to the cycle of life. Memories of my dad came flooding in as I remembered back to his last years in an assisted living facility. His mind and body were succumbing to the awful effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

As my mind replayed the video from my niece and I heard the joy in her voice as her young son stood on his own, I remembered back to the utter relief I felt when my dad could no longer stand on his own. Being confined to a wheelchair meant that we would no longer have to watch him stand only to risk him falling thereafter. yellow flowers with green stems and leaves with a blue sky in the background

It was a sad realization that the disease was progressing when my dad could no longer stand, yet in that sadness, there was a wheelchair to provide a glimpse of joy.

The cycle of life will always have its ups and downs. Without a doubt, each of us would be able to recount some story, if not many, of this truth. The important thing becomes catching the glimpses of joy that occur within the ups and downs no matter how minuscule they might be. Because, if we are honest, there ARE glimpses of joy to be found if only we can slow down for a moment to look for them.

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We are in uncharted waters of lockdown and chaos right now. For those who have been afflicted with the coronavirus or have known someone afflicted, my heart goes out to you. For those who have lost someone to the coronavirus or to any other cause, my heart goes out to you. For those who have been unable to attend important events such as weddings or funerals, my heart goes out to you.

The ups and downs of this virus are ever-changing, moment by moment. My heart is hopeful, however, that somewhere within those moments, a glimpse of joy will make itself known to each of us.

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Mary Lynn Garger club greenwood tennis proMary Lyn Garger

Mary Lynn Garger, a Denver native, comes to Greenwood with over 20 years of coaching experience at various clubs in the Denver area. As a junior Mary Lynn held state, sectional and national rankings. She played #1 singles at Cherry Creek High School all 4 years and returned as Head Coach of her alma mater for the 1993 and 1994 seasons. Mary Lynn attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas on a tennis scholarship, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Mary Lynn loves teaching players of all ages and abilities.

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