Why Pilates?

By Pilates Coordinator Kim Myers

Why Pilates?

It is not just a fancy name for stretching.

Pilates has been around since the 1920’s. As a child, Joseph Pilates (the legend himself) had asthma and other ailments and he was determined to correct them. He studied different exercise regimens and became fascinated by the idea of man balanced in body, mind and spirit. The exercise system that is now known as Pilates, is based on this concept.

Originally called Contrology, Pilates is a strength-based workout that uses both bodyweight and springs for resistance. Mat work was created first. When Joseph Pilates realized that many people needed help to do the mat work, he created the equipment- Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and more.

Today, some of the fittest men and woman on the planet turn to Pilates to counteract their weaknesses and become more well-rounded athletes.

  • The exercises are designed to balance the body, leaving no muscle untouched
  • The emphasis is on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance
  • Pilates can be adapted to both a gentle strength training and stability program or to give a strong athlete a challenging workout
  • Pilates incorporates movements that entail full range of motion

Intimidated by all the equipment?

Want to ‘’try it before you buy it’’? Contact Kim to set up a complimentary private lesson if you are new to Pilates.

Kim Meyers club greenwood pilates instructor and pilates coordinatorKim Myers

Pilates Coordinator

Kim comes to us from the Claremont Club in California, where she taught Pilates and group fitness.  Kim has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas State University in San Marcos and has two children with her husband Chris. She loves spending time with her family, knitting and watching a great episode of Dateline.

“Be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy’’ – Joseph Pilates

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