Workouts with Kim Galbreath

Workouts with Kim Galbreath

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Movement Focus: Loaded Beast Jump Squat

No equipment
Use this bodyweight movement when you need to add some cardio to a circuit or as cardio warmup!

Beginner: 3 X 8
Intermediate: 4 X 8
Advanced: 5 X 8

Movement Focus: Beast to Front Kick

Fully Body No Equipment
Animal Flow Warmup
For total body stability and mobility

Beast to Front Kick
3 sets of 10 alternating reps
Use as a warmup for any workout!

Lower Body Glute Focus

Warmup x2
10 Leg Swing/hip circle
5 Inchworm with Runners Lunge
10 Banded Side Steps each way

3-5 Rounds
*add weight as desired
8-12 Cossack Squat (L/R)
8-12 Single Leg Squat to bench
8-12 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
8-12 Hip Thrust
8-12 Pause Jump Squat

Weighted Flow – Full Body with Equipment

Scaled for all levels

Beast to alternating front step
3 swings, press, goblet squat

Beginner: 3 X 3
Intermediate: 4 X 4
Advanced: 5 X 5

Animal Flow: Beast Foot Taps

Use this beginner animal flow as a warmup to any workout for mobility, stability and strength. Get the body moving and the blood flowing!

Flow: Beast, 2 foot taps, Crab

Beginner: 2 rounds of 6 reps
Intermediate: 3 rounds of 6 reps
Advanced: 5 rounds of 6 reps

Full-Body Strength Workout

All levels workout, 35 minutes. Grab a pair of dumbbells.

Download Workout PDF

Full-Body Strength Workout

Intermediate, 40 mins
Needs: Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Get a whole-body burn with these movements that are paired together for ultimate muscle growth but will leave you sweating too!

Warmup: X2
250m Run
5 Lower Body Flow
16 Walking Lunges

5 Rounds
1: Swing, High Pull, Snatch L/R=1 10 reps
60 seconds rest
2: Clean, Reverse Lunge, Press L/R=1 10 reps
60 seconds rest
3: Plank Skier Hops L/R=1 10 reps

Full Body with Kettlebell

Intermediate 40 minutes

Warmup: X3
50 High Knees
50 Butt Kicks
12 Beast to Crab with Reach

5 Rounds of:
20 Alt. Clean and Rotational Press
10 Split Stance RDL with Row (L/R)
6 Wall sit with Press (L/R)

Full Body Kettlebell Craze

Advanced, 40-minutes
Substitute with dumbbells if needed

1 Mile Run
5 Inchworm
8 Push Up
1 Min Plank

Complete each number fully before moving to next.
1. Jump squat to lunge step back 3 sets of 8 reps
2. Swing, Snatch 5 sets of 5 reps R/L
3. Clean, Press, Windmill 3 sets of 5 reps R/L
4. Burpee to Squat Clean Pulse 3 set of 8 reps

Fully Body Strength and Cardio

Intermediate, 40 mins. Equipment: Kettlebell or pair of dumbbells.

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Leg Strength Workout

Intermediate, 40 minutes. Equipment: single or double dumbbell or kettlebell.

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Movement Focus: Crab with Reach

All Levels: Animal movements for mobility and stability

Goal: 3 sets of 10 alternating reps

Movement Focus: Beast to Side Kick

All levels 10-minute warm-up: Animal flow movements

Goal: complete 3 sets of 12 reps of the new movement

Animal Flow: Scaled for All Levels

Work on full-body mobility, stability and strength with this full-body animal flow.

Beginner: 2 x 5 | Intermediate: 3 x 5 | Advanced: 5 x 5

Posture Reset

All Levels, 30 Minutes

Having neck, upper back pain from all this working from home? Use these moves when you wake up feeling stiff or after a day of work. Strengthen your rotators, traps and upper back with these at home, no equipment moves.

Equipment: Mini Band (Kitchen Towel) Long Band (Bungee Cord)
2 Soup Cans
3 Sets of:
12-15 External Rotation (L/R)
12-15 Internal Rotation (L/R)
10-12 Pull back to Overhead Press
12-15 Thumbs up Shoulder Raise
12-15 Bent Over Rows
12 Alternating Crab Reach

Movement Focus: Loaded Beast/Front Step

Movement Focus: Beast

Full-Body Strength Workout

Outdoor Body Weight Circuit

Full Body Warmup Flow

Full Body Strength Workout

Leg, Core and Cardio Craze

Indoor Full Body Intermediate Workout

Outdoor Workout of the Day

Jump Rope and Bodyweight Workout

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