10 Reasons to Join the Club Greenwood Swim Team

Dive Into a World of Benefits

Are you looking for a fun activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle and a positive community atmosphere for you or your child? Our Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team (GTS) is an excellent way for children and young adults to have fun and experience the joys of competitive swimming, but it’s even more than that. GTS is all about promoting holistic wellness, fostering a sense of community, and instilling life skills beyond the pool. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the many benefits of joining the Club Greenwood Swim Team.


Here are 10 amazing benefits to signing up for the Greenwood Swim Team!


  1. We Are Equipped for Success: As a member of the Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team, you’ll have access to a 25-meter indoor and a 25-meter outdoor pool, meaning less crowding, which allows for more valuable practice time. We proudly have nationally certified personal trainers for all GTS land training workouts. They’re full-time salaried, which makes them readily accessible whether by phone, email or during office hours.
  2. GTS Is for Everyone: We genuinely believe in our programs’ universal appeal and benefits. Our team is dedicated to nurturing talent at every stage of the journey, from beginners just dipping their toes to seasoned swimmers competing at national and international levels. We are committed to fostering an environment of excellence that caters to the aspirations of all our members.
  3. Low-Impact, High Reward: Swimming is a low-impact exercise perfect for individuals of all ages and abilities. The buoyancy of water reduces the stress on your joints, making swimming a viable option for those who may struggle with higher-impact activities. Despite being low-impact, swimming provides a full-body workout, targeting all major muscle groups. So whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking a gentler exercise, or want to push your fitness levels, GTS has covered you.
  4. Improved Sleep and Relaxation: Swimming is associated with relaxation effects, as it can be great for reducing tension and soothing your mind. “Blue Mind” describes the idea that being in or around water creates a peaceful feeling—even the sounds of the water can promote a sense of calm. Exercise, in general, has been shown to improve sleep, and swimming is a great way to exercise!
  5. Boosts Brain Function: An often overlooked benefit of competitive swimming is improving concentration. The nature of swimming, especially in a team setting, necessitates focus and mental agility. Each stroke, each breath, and each flip-turn requires precision and timing. This ongoing need to concentrate during training and competitions can translate into improved focus in other areas of life, such as academics or work. Studies have also suggested that exercise in the water increases blood flow to the brain. Joining the GTS Swim Team offers you or your child an avenue to hone concentration skills while enjoying the thrill of the sport.
  6. Team Spirit and Camaraderie: Being a part of the GTS Swim Team means joining a community of like-minded individuals. Teammates encourage, support, and learn from one another, fostering an invaluable camaraderie. This environment makes swimming more enjoyable and instills life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience.
  7. Self-Esteem and Confidence: Participating in a swim team can significantly boost self-esteem and confidence. As swimmers learn new techniques, improve their times, and overcome challenges, they witness their abilities and strengths firsthand. This awareness of personal capability can significantly enhance their self-image and confidence level, not just in swimming but in other areas of their lives.
  8. Year-Round Engagement: The Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team operates year-round, giving members the advantage of continuous training and development. Unlike seasonal swim programs, GTS allows athletes to maintain a consistent workout regimen and steadily improve their skills without interruption. It also allows new members to join anytime, as long as there is space. This also fosters a strong team bond and enables a deep, ongoing engagement with the sport. Whether it’s summer’s height or winter’s chill, our pools are always open and ready for our dedicated swimmers.
  9. Balancing Teamwork and Independence: One of the unique aspects of swimming is how it balances team dynamics and individual efforts. While training together, cheering each other on, and striving to accrue points for the team foster a sense of community and teamwork, the sport also demands personal responsibility and self-reliance. Each swimmer has to master their techniques, maintain their motivation, and face the pressure of competition independently. This duality enhances teamwork skills and personal independence, making swimming a well-rounded character-building exercise. We encourage this balance, facilitating an environment where each swimmer can grow individually and as a member of our strong team.
  10. Lifelong Skills and Fitness: Joining the GTS Swim Team imparts valuable skills and habits that transcend beyond the pool. Swimming promotes physical health and fitness and imparts discipline, time management, and perseverance. These skills are not just beneficial for a short period but are lifelong assets. The habits of regular exercise, goal setting, and resilience built in the pool often extend into daily life, forging an attitude of continuous self-improvement. In essence, becoming a part of GTS is not just about swimming; it’s about fostering a healthier, more disciplined, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Being part of the Greenwood Tiger Sharks Swim Team is more than just participating in a sport—it’s an enriching experience that develops individuals physically, mentally, and socially. Our program is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that nurtures talent, promotes health and well-being, and imparts valuable life skills. We invite you to dive in and experience the benefits of swimming with us. Join the GTS Swim team today and start your journey towards a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle.