Couch to 5k Workout

By Pam Oliver, Personal Trainer

Equipment needed- running shoes, motivation and a race, even if it’s virtual!

So you are a couch potato; sort of, but want something to do….a 5k! Great, let’s get started.

If you are new to running start with a five-week program gradually increasing the intensity of the run portion.

Day 1. Run 10-30 minutes, walk a minute for every five minutes you run

Day 2. Rest, cross-train, or 30-minute walk

Day 3. Run 10-25 minutes, walk a minute for every five minutes you run

Day 4. Rest or walk 30 minutes

Day 5. Run 2-4 miles, walking only when absolutely necessary

Day 6. Rest or cross-train

Day 7. REST

This can be modified up or down depending on how much you are doing currently. Each week -try to increase the time you spend running!

Pam Oliver club greenwood pilates instructor and personal trainer

Pam Oliver

Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer
Training since 1986. Pam works well with all types of people. She specializes in working with middle-aged or older women and men, especially those with prior injuries (i.e., back, shoulder, knee). “I encourage my clients to work hard and have fun while educating them about their bodies with a lot of variety in their workouts.”

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