The Disco Emergente Sculpture

The Arnaldo Pomodoro “Disco Emergente” Sculpture

The Arnaldo Pomodoro “Disco Emergente” sculpture in front of Club Greenwood is cast in bronze and was created between 1983-84. At age 96, Arnaldo Pomodoro is still working in Milan, Italy. He created a series of “discs” called the “Grande Disco” series. Like the one at our club, many of his works are kinetic, move in the wind and are similar in style.

These sculptures can be found all around the world including the Vatican, United Nations headquarters and countless museums and university campuses. Originally purchased by John Madden Company from Marisa del Re Gallery in NYC in 1987, the sculpture was then purchased by MOA in 1992 after the artwork traveled the world. It was first exhibited at the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy. It was also shown at the World Expo in Brisbane, Australia in 1988 where it was placed at the main entrance to the expo. The sculpture was then shipped to Detroit where it was installed at John Madden’s 150 West Jefferson Plaza building that JMC developed, before coming to Greenwood in 1992. To learn more visit the Madden Museum of Outdoor Arts.

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