How to Choose a Tennis Club

Here’s Why We Are the Perfect Tennis Club for You

Tennis is a fantastic sport that helps with fitness and agility! It’s also a whole lot of fun. Joining a tennis club can be a great way to incorporate more activity into your life. But how do you know which tennis club is right for you? Luckily, we here at Club Greenwood can help with that. Let’s look at some things to look out for when searching for a tennis club.

Year-Round Fun
When selecting a tennis club, you will want a place where you can enjoy the benefits year-round. Living in the Denver area, we can experience many types of weather, from hot summers to snowy winters. That is why we have seven indoor courts and four outdoor courts—plus, the indoor courts are climate controlled, meaning they maintain the perfect playing conditions no matter the outside conditions!

Clay Courts
We recommend a facility that features clay tennis courts. At Club Greenwood, we are proud to offer clay indoor tennis courts—a rare feature that makes us stand out from many other tennis clubs in the area. These courts are easier on the joints, preventing injury and creating a more comfortable experience. This is because clay courts are more shock-absorbing than other courts. Clay courts also make for a more effortless learning experience because they allow the tennis ball to have a reduced speed and higher bounce.

Permanent Structure
When choosing a tennis club, picking one with a permanent structure is best. Many indoor tennis courts are not permanent, meaning they are less stable. When the tennis court is a permanent structure, there is no risk of it popping or blowing away. Our permanent indoor court facility at Club Greenwood is the largest in the Western United States. Join us at Greenwood for indoor courts that you can rely on.

ProBounce Flooring
At Club Greenwood, we use ProBounce flooring on our outdoor courts. This cushioned court is comfortable for tennis players and can be used year-round! Beyond that, it prevents cracking. You want a court you can count on, right? When selecting a tennis club, check to see what type of flooring is used for the courts. A quality tennis court will be reliable and improve your experience as a player.

At Club Greenwood, we have state-of-the-art facilities that are perfect for any tennis-lover! You can play year-round on comfortable courts that won’t be going anywhere. We also have some of the best instructors in the country! We offer leagues, tournaments, private lessons, and more! Tennis is a fantastic way to exercise and socialize, and Club Greenwood is the perfect place to do so. Join us for tennis, and see why we fit all the requirements for the best quality tennis club.