Benefits of Children Learning a Second Language

By Colleen Bernardis, Director of Youth Programs

Benefits of Children Learning a Second Language

Teaching children a new language is good for their minds, promotes healthy development and teaches lifelong skills. Kids are able to learn a new language more easily at a younger age and in doing so, will develop skills to help them for the rest of their lives.

During the first five years of life, children’s brains are uniquely suited to learn a second language as that is when the brain is in the most flexible stage and children can absorb more, making it easier for them to learn and retain what they have been taught. They are less worried about making mistakes than at an older age. Young children are able to learn sounds, structures, intonation patterns and the rules of a second language very easily.

Research studies show that children who have learned a second language at a young age demonstrate increased creativity, better problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills in addition to improved memory, concentration and the ability to multitask. They also show signs of increased creativity and mental flexibility.

We are happy to introduce our very own Spanish class at Club Greenwood for kids ages 3-5! Set your child up for success with a structured experience to learn Spanish in our Español con Eloisa program. Students will get to interact and play together while learning numbers, letters, colors, animals and songs!

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