Spending Time in Kids’ Club and Youth Programs Prepares Kids for School

By Colleen Bernardis, Director of Youth Programs

Spending Time in Kids’ Club and Youth Programs Prepares Kids for School

Maybe your kiddos aren’t quite ready to go to school full-time, but you are ready to have a little break from them and want to make sure that they are in a safe, fun and creative environment. By bringing them into Kids’ Club or registering them for our Youth Programs they are able to socialize with other children, work on a routine, learn how to follow directions and listen and expand their minds. All these things will help them to thrive in a school environment!

It is very important to start socializing your children as early on as possible and bringing them to the Youth Department at Club Greenwood is a fantastic way to do so! When you bring your children to Kids’ Club they will have the opportunity to play with other kids who are similar in age. They will get to start to learn how to make friends, share and communicate with others. The Kids’ Club team at Club Greenwood enjoys introducing the children to each other so that they can create connections and play together. We have seen so many friendships bloom in Kids’ Club and expand outside of Club Greenwood. It is very beneficial for kids to have those socialization skills before they attend school.

When kids come to our Youth Programs such as Music and Movement, Laugh and Learn, Little Lobbers and Gym Jam they are able to learn structure and routine which will help transfer well to when they attend school. These programs will be run in a similar manner each session, so the kids will start learning the routine and structure that the programs will hold. Our programs will also help kids work on following directions and listening, which will allow them to adapt to learning these important aspects of school.

When kids come to Club Greenwood they will learn how to be away from their mom and dad for a period of time which is a huge help when you are transitioning them to go to school. We help remind the kids that their parents will always come back and to focus on having fun while they are away from them! This will help ease them into not feeling so attached to their parents which is beneficial when kids do start to attend school.

We love having kiddos join us in Kids’ Club and our Youth Programs and are always ready to make new friends! By bringing them in you can help your child get one step closer to feeling comfortable and thriving at school. If you have any questions regarding the Youth Programs at Club Greenwood, feel free to reach out to Colleen Bernardis, Director of Youth Programs.

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