Why Kids Need Sports

By Colleen Bernardis, Director of Youth Programs

Why Kids Need Sports

Getting children started with sports when they are young is beneficial to their future in many ways. Sports help promote an active and healthy lifestyle, teach kids to learn teamwork and social skills and teaches other important life lessons such as responsibility and accountability.

Sports promote an active lifestyle – Having children participate in sports teaches them healthy habits such as staying hydrated, eating better and getting exercise. These habits improve health and wellbeing for the long term as these behaviors will be carried into adulthood with them. Being active while participating in a sport also helps to boost kids’ moods, improve their memory and support their immune systems.

Sports teach social skills – By enrolling your children in sports, they will meet a wide variety of people. This helps kids learn to get along with others who have different personalities and to adapt to other people as needed. They will be able to learn how to work together to resolve conflict as well as communication skills. This will also help them to become more outgoing and learn leadership skills which will be beneficial the rest of their lives.

Sports encourage working together – Teamwork is an important skill to learn early on. Being able to work together with other people and be part of a team teaches kids to trust teammates, learn from others, build relationships, ask for help and show compassion to others. Teamwork is an important part of life and enrolling them in sports is a perfect way to teach them about teamwork.

Sports help kids learn responsibility – When children participate in sports, they learn the value of responsibility. If they skip a practice or don’t put forward their best effort, they will see how this impacts their personal and team outcome. Children will also learn how to be responsible for items that they need for their sport such as uniforms and equipment that they may need for the sport. Sports also teach kids accountability in showing up to different practices, games and events in order to help make sure their team is able to participate.

Kids have fun– Kids enjoy having something to participate in and having something to look forward to. They will develop an active lifestyle and social skills and work together. If you are looking for a place to have your child start participating in sports, look no further than Club Greenwood. We have a variety of programs and activities for children including Little Lobbers Tennis, Bronze and Silver Basketball, Gym JamGreenwood Groovers, Swim Programs , and Junior Tennis Programs.

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