Zero to Tri Hero: 14 Week Triathlon Intro Program

By Abbie Hayutin, USAT Level 1 Coach

Zero to Tri Hero is Club Greenwood’s Innovative Triathlon Program

This 14 week introductory program is designed to blend seamlessly into your busy schedule. A total commitment of less than one full day (only 21 hours) over the fourteen weeks will provide long-lasting payoffs: you will feel better than ever, maybe lose a few unwanted pounds and gain self-confidence that will last a lifetime.

Although the reasons people do a triathlon differ, the benefits are universal:

Feel good about yourself, find more meaning in exercise, live more fully, brag to everyone that you did a triathlon, serve as a role model for others and show what is truly possible in life.

Reap the benefits from training for and completing a triathlon! Every other week will include a carefully curated curriculum with a 45 minute educational experience lead by experts in the field of swimming, cycling, running, nutrition and more, followed by hands-on instructional activities. Alternate weeks will include optional group workouts.

This process is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life, not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and socially as well. Ask anyone who has done a triathlon and they will tell you the same thing.

To learn more about the Zero to Tri Hero Sprint Triathlon 14 Week Program, please join us at a complimentary informational kick off meetingon Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 6:30pm at Club Greenwood. You will meet past program participants and be inspired by featured keynote speaker Tim Hola, World-Ranked Ironman Age Group Champion and Norseman Finisher.

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