Whole New You or Gradual Changes?

By Kristin Burgess, Registered Dietician


It is a new year and you have health, wellness, fitness and/or nutrition goals. But do you have to become a whole new you to make positive changes in your life? I say no.  It is much easier to change your attitude than your behavior. The first step is to modify your attitude then transform your behaviors. Healthy eating is often associated with despair, so what can you do to redirect your thoughts and emotions? One answer is to go with a ‘no deprivation’ strategy.  Instead of a negative outlook on your goals, turn the other direction and make positive goals, which will, in turn, lead to achieving your goals.

For example:

  • Instead of I can’t eat that make a goal of I am going to eat half a plate of vegetables at lunch and dinner.
  • Instead of giving up sugar, make a plan to only eat whole grains and always have two fruits a day.
  • Instead of avoiding the energy drink, build a strategy to meet your water requirements every day. About 2.5 liters for women and about 3.5 liters for men.

Once your attitude has changed, then you can work on the behaviors. Start with your grocery list and purge your kitchen. Research shows that those with kitchens full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, plain popcorn and other healthy foods, have lower BMIs compared to those whose cupboards are full of chips, dips, soda, crackers and bars. Next- plan ahead. Always bring a healthy snack so that when a snack attack occurs you have a healthy option on hand. My third tip is to set a plan for seven days. That way you can tell yourself “it’s only for seven days.” You can do anything for seven days!

Remember that roughly 30% of New Year’s Resolutions are actually met. Commit. Control. Plan. Hit your goals, change your life!

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