Workout From Home With Club Greenwood

Check out all that we have to offer outside of the gym

Don’t let icy roads or holiday traveling stop you from working out! No matter what might prevent you from getting to the gym, you can still workout at home. At Club Greenwood, we understand the importance of flexibility. It may be intimidating to do so without a plan, but we are here for you! Our trainers have even provided workout guides for working out from home, including exercise instructions. So whether you wish to go for a run around the neighborhood or prefer to exercise in your living room, or maybe even a bit of both, Club Greenwood has you covered!

Did you know we offer live-stream classes? These days, it’s common for there to be remote capabilities for things such as work, doctor’s appointments, and workout classes. When you sign up for Greenwood Strong Online, you can access stream classes, replays, on-demand workouts, and written workouts. No matter what time of day, you can access our workouts—and on any device! Greenwood Strong Online is included in your Full-Access Main Club Greenwood membership. You can find our online log in here. For tennis members and those with holds or on medical leave, you may add on the Greenwood Strong Online Membership here.

Let’s take a look at some examples of workouts you can do from home provided by our personal trainers:

4 x 20 Workout with Jenny Stevens

For this workout, you’ll do 20 reps per exercise and four rounds of the circuit. It’s a great workout to sneak in while listening to a podcast!

Complete Four Rounds of:

Dumbbell chest press x 20

Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks x 20

Push-ups x 20

Dumbbell Squats x 20

Dumbbell Deadlifts x 20

Dumbbell Alternating Bent Over Rows x 20

Squat Jumps x 20

Plank x 30-60 second

Total Body Workout by Brandon Smith

Perform the first set of exercises three times in a row, then move to the second group of exercises! This workout should take about 45-50 minutes.

Workout 1

60 seconds of Bodyweight squats

30 seconds push-ups

60 seconds lunging in place

30 seconds push-ups

60 seconds wall sit

30 seconds Russian twist

Workout 2

60 seconds body plank

30 seconds triceps dips off couch or stairs

60 seconds burpees with push up

30 seconds Russian twist

60 seconds Lateral lunges


These are just a couple of workouts you can do from home! At Club Greenwood, your options for staying active are endless. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and don’t neglect your workouts. We’re in this together.