Seven Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids

By Colleen Bernardis

Seven Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids

With so many kids being so invested in screen-time nowadays, it is hard to make sure they are getting enough exercise. Here are seven ideas that you can use to make sure that your kiddo is keeping their physical fitness in check, all while having fun!

Obstacle Courses:
Obstacle courses are a great and fun way to get exercise. You can have the kids take turns setting the obstacle courses up to get their creativity flowing. Use couch cushions, pillows and other household objects to construct a challenging obstacle course! Have the kids climb under blankets, balance on cushions and do somersaults across the family room. You can also set up an obstacle course outdoors if you want more room.

Scavenger Hunts:
Hide different things all over the backyard and throughout the house. Give kids clues to find each item and make it a race to see who can find the most items first. If you make sure each item is placed far apart from the others, the kids will get to move around a lot!

Nature Walks:
Bring a bag and your walking shoes for a fun Nature Walk! Have the kids look around their surroundings and collect objects in their bag to be included in a piece of art. Some examples to look for are dried leaves, pinecones, grass, seeds and pieces of bark. When you get home, you can have the kids make a nature collage out of the items they found.

Dance Parties:
Play your kiddos favorite songs, crank the volume and get moving! You can play games like freeze dance, have a competition to see who has the best dance moves, or make up a dance routine to a song. Dancing is a great way to have kids get their heart rate up.

Floor is Lava:
Grab some blankets and have a floor is lava competition! You will take turns calling out “floor is lava!” and everyone will have five seconds to get both feet off the ground, anyone who still has contact with the ground is out. You can set up a course amongst some furniture and make sure everyone is carefully stepping on each item and not falling into the “lava”!

Follow the Leader:
Follow the Leader is a great game to do with your family or to have your kids play with their friends. Take turns being the leader, directing the others to match every move they make. Encourage them to get active! They can hop on one leg, skip across the room and crawl like a bear!

If you’re interested in learning more ideas to get your kiddo more active, consider some of Club Greenwood’s Kids Programs. There are various activities, for all ages, including gym games, dancing, outdoor camps and more.

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