Growing Strong Through the Tale of Lock-Down

By Kathy Boyte and Colleen Bernardis

Growing Strong Through the Tale of Lock-Down

We made it to a place of connection again. Our “village” in the Youth Department continues to strive and thrive. A slow, safe and well-thought out reopening has steadily grown back. It’s so close to Independence Day! It feels like we’ve arrived!

Youth staff and youth members (the children we love) have continued to be safe while having fun. We see each other’s faces again. Smiling, laughing, shouting, playing! It’s all happening in Kids’ Club, YAC, Youth Programs, Birthday Parties and Camp Greenwood. Our persistent effort to stay healthy through movement, exercise, activity, art, and play have come full circle here in our Club Greenwood Youth Department!

We have been through so much over the past year and a half, between closing the doors at Club Greenwood on March 17, 2020, then staying connected with our members through livestreaming story time on Facebook for our kiddos and posting children’s exercise videos on the Club Greenwood Workout Facebook group. We also helped kids with their remote school work at “Club Greenwood Elementary School”. Now the connections have come back and we are cleaner, more respectful, more grateful and more thoughtful. We grew and are still growing… stronger together. It’s the best part of a kids day!

Our pursuit to thrive again through safe practices, superb youth programming and care are a great success. Just ask a kid…. or a parent! We will continue providing the best care to our youngest members here at Club Greenwood, encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle through the development and education of mind, body and spirit by providing a safe, fun and creative environment for children that stimulates learning and fosters a child’s overall health.

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