Looking for the Magic Pill

By Vivian Griggs, Personal Training Coordinator

Let me start by saying I wish there was a Magic Pill! I’d take it. I love fitness but I’m here to say I’d take that pill and move on. But unfortunately, there is no magic pill to being healthy and in shape.

Life-long health and fitness is a process. It’s day in and day out. You’ll have good days (yay for salad at lunch and cycling at the gym!) and bad days (brownies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the furthest you walked was to get more brownies. Oops). The Magic is in finding a balance for you. A way to live your life that is healthy, active, happy and energized.

What keeps you from finding that magic? Think deeply on this one. Yes, we’re all busy and don’t have time. Yet we find time to play on the internet, watch TV and a whole host of other questionably productive and healthy activities. What about fear? Yes, I said fear. Not fear of failing. Fear of SUCCEEDING. If you no longer have the excuse of being overweight, tired, sore, achy, ‘injured’, ill, etc; then what? You’ll no longer be limited but LIMITLESS.

Imagine waking up every day with the energy, the mood and the knowledge that you can tackle whatever comes your way. That you WILL eat healthy, you WILL get in that great workout and you WILL feel great doing it.

Where do you start? There is actually an easy answer:
1. Start small. For the next two days, drink enough water. That’s it! Show yourself that you can handle small challenges.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast for two days AND drink your water. Baby steps!
3. Then extend your workouts by an extra 10 minutes, along with your healthy breakfast and water.

Just keep chipping away at your goals in manageable ways! Give yourself the grace to learn new healthy habits in a way that is sustainable.

The Magic Pill is YOU. You have total control over living a healthier, more fit and more energized, happy life. So take that pill and start making little, healthy changes every day.

Vivian Griggs club greenwood personal training coordinatorVivian Griggs

Personal Training Coordinator

Vivian has two Bachelors of Science degrees in Finance and Accounting Control Systems and has been a certified personal trainer for 12 years with a specialty in Post-Rehabilitative training for shoulders, hips and knees. Vivian focuses on motivating clients to achieve their best and leading fitness professionals to success. Her passion as a trainer is helping her clients become as healthy as possible. Her motto is “Grow, Transform, Succeed!”. She is married to Blake and has one son, Asa.

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