Work Out All Day

By Brian Holland, Personal Trainer

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This workout plan calls for four sets of five exercises. Each set will take only about 10-15 minutes. Instead of doing it all at once, perform each set at a different time of the day. Pick your hours so that they match up with your daily timeline, but here are my general suggestions.

Set 1: First things first

  • Perform set one before your morning coffee and breakfast. If you are an individual who prefers not to workout on an empty stomach, have breakfast then work out. Either way, set one is to be done in the morning.

Set 2: Keep the ball rolling

  • You’ve been working hard homeschooling the kids or doing zoom conference calls all morning, but now it is time for lunch. Before you eat, perform set number two.

Set 3: Day two productivity

  • Set yourself a timer so that you don’t forget set three. Whatever you’re doing, from working on your computer, to working with the kids, to binge-watching a show, get up from your seat to perform set number three.

Set 4: Finish strong

  • The sun is down for its nightly rest and the moon takes charge of the sky. Your bed is calling to you to lie down for the night. You’ve earned it, three tough sets of exercise and at least two healthy meals if not three. Now is the time for your fourth and final set of exercises. Finish the day as strongly as you began it.

The Workouts

For each set throughout the day, choose five exercises that make you feel empowered and strong. Here are the five that I suggest using, though please feel free to make adjustments to your list of exercises so that they fit you.

1: Pushups (10-50 reps)
2: Squats (20-100 reps)
3: Lunges (10-50 reps per side)
4: Plank (1-3 minutes)
5: Glute Bridges (20-100 reps)

There are many exercises to choose from, allowing you to customize the workout for yourself. The main idea here is to move throughout the day for smaller increments rather than doing it all at one time. Most of us don’t eat all of our food for the day in one meal. Why should we do all our exercises in one block of time?

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Brian believes that physical activity is not limited to improving physical health, but plays a key role in mental health and happiness as well. Whether you are looking to compete or to escape the world of comparison, Brian has something for you with a background in yoga and professional level athletics. Brian has experience working with all age groups. “There is nothing that we cannot do, only things that we have not learned how to do yet.”

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