Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

By Crystal Garland, Director of Aquatics

Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Club Greenwood has outstanding coaches/instructors that have been teaching the art of swimming for over 10 years. Here are a few comments of why they enjoy coaching private swim lessons:

I really enjoy teaching private lessons because the individual needs can be met in a personal manner. It’s very rewarding to plan ahead their progress based on personal goals and the ability of the swimmer. What a wonderful experience to work and plan with them. ⏤Patty Lou Daugherty, Employee since 1987

As a coach of 30 plus years, I have had the opportunity to work with swimmers of all ages and abilities. I have coached for teams of 100 plus swimmers, large and small group swimming lessons and private swimming lessons. I love the one-on-one setting. I love the quietness and calmness of the private setting. I love really getting to know my swimmer. Whether it is a learn to swim child or adult, or a talented club swimmer brings quicker results, no matter the ability or outcome the swimmer is looking for. ⏤Kelly Seavall, Employee since 2007

The one-on-one nature of private lessons allows the instructor to develop a personal connection more quickly with the swimmer, making it easier to determine which skills need to be improved and how best to approach them. ⏤Jeanette Anderson, Employee since 1999

While group lessons are good, private lessons gives the instructor more time to focus on any corrections the swimmer may need. Also, private lessons can be customized to best fit the learning style of a student or focus on certain goals, such as a stroke or starts. ⏤Will Litfin, Employee since 2011

Private swim lessons are very beneficial for children and adults because it allows a one on one customize program to suit the needs of the individual, very convenient on scheduling and a much faster way to learn the skills. ⏤Cama Jo Totura, Employee since 2001

Private lessons for a child or adult with any ability will gain confidence in the water. Our experienced coaches will help our swimmers meet and exceed goals, from overall fitness to competing in swim meets. Now is the time to make a splash!

If you are interested in doing private swim lessons, visit Club Greenwood Aquatics to learn what works best for you.


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