Pilates for Scoliosis

By Angela Zaun, Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

Pilates for Scoliosis
Curvature of the spine creates imbalances in our body. While everyone’s curvature is unique, there are underlying issues that scoliosis creates, and Pilates can help address those issues. By strengthening your core muscles, Pilates ensures that your work on improving posture and alignment comes from the correct source of strength. Pilates is a full body workout that does not overly fatigue or tax any one muscle group, but helps us function properly in our day to day activities. The technique allows us to pinpoint specific areas that need additional length and flexibility due to scoliosis and to balance that out with targeting muscles that need more strength. The result is less pressure on the spine, hips and areas affected by scoliosis.

Take a look!
The first step in addressing scoliosis and our physical well-being is to look in the mirror -the less clothing, the better. Can you see the differences in the sides of your body? Does one shoulder look higher than the other? Does one hip appear higher or one side seem more curved? Noticing these individual nuances, will help you hone in on what you need to do to create the most balance possible in your body.

Sit on those sitz bones!
Unfortunately, most of us spend a lot of time throughout our day sitting. Do you find yourself sitting with your legs crossed? Or weight towards one hip or leaning to a side? Unbalanced hip positions travel up through our body exacerbating issues with scoliosis. Do your best to stay grounded and even to help relieve stress on the spine.

Carry it correct!
Have you ever thought about how much your handbag weighs? Struggled if you are forced to carry something using your non-dominant side or even worse, swung that hip out to help you? Curves in our spine create a tendency to hold and carry items on a certain side and in a certain way. Alternating a cross-body bag or using a back pack can help balance out the weight, leaving your spine in a much better position. Fine tuning every-day tasks is key for those with scoliosis and helps maintain the changes you are making during your workouts.

So why Pilates?
In Pilates we work gradually to increase your muscle strength and stamina utilizing Pilates apparatus, such as the Cadillac and Tower, along with mat work to help you come into alignment. This is a unique workshop where you will be with others working at the same pace.

Instructor Angela Zaun, was introduced to Pilates at the young age of 15 and was drawn to it’s ability to help manage her symptoms of scoliosis. Studying and helping others benefit from Pilates for over 30 years, Angela is excited to host a Pilates for Scoliosis program for Club Greenwood members and guests.

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