Indoor Courts Open Year-Round

Elevate your tennis game by playing year-round at Club Greenwood’s Indoor Courts

You don’t have to give up tennis when summer is over! Playing indoor tennis at Club Greenwood is the perfect way to enhance your fitness journey all year round. Tennis is not only a fun and exciting sport, it also provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. Tennis is fantastic for burning calories, coordination, and building strong bones, among other physical benefits. It’s also an excellent way to socialize, improve teamwork, and increase confidence.

Here at Club Greenwood, we are happy to offer both indoor and outdoor tennis courts so our members can enjoy the sport all year long. Let’s examine why our indoor tennis facilities are perfect for your exercise regimen!

Benefits of Club Greenwood’s Indoor Tennis

At Club Greenwood, our climate-controlled indoor tennis courts ensure that weather conditions never disrupt your play and that the temperature is perfect for tennis, no matter the time of the year. Not only are the indoor courts open year-round, but we also offer high-quality tennis drills from top-notch instructors all year! So whether you’d like to play a casual game with other members or improve your game through training, our indoor tennis facilities have you covered.

With seven indoor clay courts, you can experience the benefits of clay, which is gentler on the body and improves performance. There are no permanent court times, which provides all members with the same opportunity. Our court reservation system is designed to be fair and flexible, allowing all members to book a court of their choice up to six days in advance. Plus, there are no added indoor court fees! This means you can play as much tennis as you want without worrying about extra costs. Regarding lighting, our courts are illuminated with environmentally friendly LEDs, providing excellent visibility and enabling you to play your best game more sustainably.

Train with Top-Notch Instructors at Club Greenwood

Training with top-notch instructors is crucial for developing your tennis skills. Our USPTA Tennis Professionals at Club Greenwood have the expertise and the passion to guide you regardless of your playing level. They work one-on-one with you during private lessons to help you strengthen your weak areas, sharpen your strengths, and overall take your game to the next level. If you are a beginner, they focus on building a solid foundation upon which you can develop your skills. As they work with you, you become better and faster at the sport. Having such high-quality training at your disposal makes playing tennis at Club Greenwood an enriching experience.

Experience Tennis at Club Greenwood

Club Greenwood’s indoor tennis facilities offer an unmatched experience beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to quality, fairness, year-round athletic fun, and environmental sustainability sets us apart. With our flexible reservation system, top-notch facilities, and no additional indoor court fees, we promote an inclusive, dynamic, and exciting tennis environment for all skill levels. Step into our world of tennis and experience the difference.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Club Greenwood tennis community and helping you take your tennis game to the next level. Join us today!