Get the Most Out of Your Barre Class

By Christy Marshall, Group Fitness Coordinator / Barre Instructor

The popularity of barre is not going anywhere. In fact, more and more people are signing up for barre class and getting in on this ballet-based strength training workout. Why? Because not only is it fun and challenging, but it is extremely effective in strengthening and toning your body!

How to get the most out of your barre class:

Keep the movements small – You have heard your barre instructor telling you to keep the movements to a couple of inches. This is part of what makes barre a joint-friendly class for those with joint issues and adds to the toning of your muscles. Keep the movements tight and get into those hard-to-reach muscles.

Find your shaking point

When you find that barre shake that means you have hit your muscle capacity and are fully engaged. This is a good thing!

Form over ego

Correct form is more important than taking your move to the next level, whether that be with more weight or getting up on your toes. When you are fatigued and starting to break form, shake it out and restart.

Stay for the stretch

The end of class stretch is hugely important to get the most out of your workout and recover for the next one. Give yourself that time to take care of your muscles.

Avoid these common mistakes

Too heavy of weights, knees locked out, large movements, swinging motions, core not engaged, hunching over.

The result: strong muscles and a happy body and mind!


headshot of christyChristy Marshall

Christy has had a passion for health and wellness since her time as a college tennis player at Creighton University. She became a certified holistic health coach and owned her own Barre studio for five years. You will find Christy’s Barre classes to be a combination of strength, energy and mindfulness. She loves helping members feel their best in mind, body and soul.

In her free time, Christy loves to spend time in nature with her husband, daughter and dogs. She also enjoys cooking plant-based meals using vegetables from her garden. Christy is an ongoing foster mom to dogs and cats in need and a huge advocate for animal rescue.

Contact Christy: [email protected]


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