One on One or Small Group Training?

By David Nutting, Fitness Coordinator/ Personal Trainer

What is the best type of training? One on one or Small Group?

There are many reasons these two types of workout styles can improve an individual’s overall health and well-being and I will quickly point out a few reasons why.

Research has shown that working out with a trainer can improve your results by up to 60% and your retention rate to the workout plan also improves by 60%. That is significant! For most who have worked with the right trainer, they know the value. Often, an individual has specific goals or injuries that need to be addressed which would be more beneficial in a one on one setting. The trainer can help to plan specific functional exercises and soft-tissue work to help alleviate aches and pains as you gain strength. If an individual needs accountability, nutrition help or has a specific deadline for a fitness goal, one on one training would be the best fit.

In a Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) format, the trainer can train a group of individuals and still provide some personal attention while overseeing the entire group. Many who may have been able to exercise on their own for a while, and feel they have a good understanding of their movement patterns, can step right into a small group personal training session without needing as much focused attention. They are provided with a challenging and fun workout while getting to know other members!

Both workout styles have many benefits. Decide which one is right for you for a motivating jumpstart!
For more information on Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training, email David Nutting, Fitness Coordinator/ Personal Trainer.

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