Recent Research:  Fish Oil and Heart Health

Kristin Burgess, RD and PT

*Please consult your physician before taking any supplements.

Omega 3 supplements have become one of the top three supplements in America. Lack of omega 3 fatty acids and too many omega 6 fatty acids have been linked to many diseases. Recent evidence shows that omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular events, but possibly not stroke. This recent meta-analysis has also shown that the results are dose-dependent. The more DHA and EPA, the better, above 840mg/day.


What is Omega 3; Fish Oil; DHA/EPA?

Omega 3 – type of polyunsaturated fat

Fish Oil – oil from a fish that contains omega 3 fats

DHA/EPA – the name of the omega 3 fats that are in fish oil

-DHA – docosahexaenoic acid 

EPA – eicosapentaenoic acid

-ALA is also an omega 3 fatty acid, not in fish oil but found in plant sources such as flax.


How much do I need?

850 mg/day of Omega 3s (not fish oil but total omega 3s) if you do not have heart disease

> 850mg/day if you have heart disease or take medication for heart health: high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or if you take medications to control these factors; arthritis and/or bone and joint health, depression and/or anxiety, eye health, inflammation, ADHD and Autoimmune diseases


How much DHA/EPA is in a capsule?

Look for the amount of EPA AND DHA not the total amount of fish oil

– Most fish oil is only 30% EPA and DHA

If the label says 1200mg of fish oil then there is only about 360mg of EPA + DHA

**you need to look at the label specifically for >840mg of DHA in about 2 capsules**


What brand is best?

– Mercury-free

Look for the ‘cGMP’ logo, ‘USP’ logo or another third party verification


Do I need an omega 3-6-9 or omega 3 and omega 6 supplements?

NO!  You likely get plenty of omega 6 and omega 9 fats in your foods during the day.

*Please consult your physician before taking any supplements.

Kristin Burgess club greenwood personal trainer and registered dietician

Kristin Burgess RD and Personal Trainer

Being a registered dietitian and health and wellness coach, Kristin believes you are what you eat! Eating whole, natural foods can not only increase energy and help you be at an ideal weight, but it can boost your mindfulness in every aspect of your life. After all, we walk around in our body all day…it must be a priority to take care of it! Running and triathlons have taken Kristin everywhere from Boston to Boulder. Kristin believes everyone has an “athlete” in them… after all, exercise makes the heart smile!

BS in Nutrition, Applied Physiology and Exercise Physiology
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CES

Work with Kristin: [email protected]

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