Six Steps to Self Love

By Kim Galbreath, Personal Trainer


As we start the month of February everyone has the same word on their mind: Love.  We often think of love for others: friends and family. We are always thinking of ourselves last. Self-love is the most important kind of love.  What does self-love look like? If you don’t have it, how do you get it?


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  1.  Stop apologizing – I’ve noticed lately how much we all say “Sorry” for things that don’t really require an apology.  If it isn’t something to be forgiven for, it’s isn’t worth an apology.  Saying “I’m sorry” too many times wears on your self-talk and has an overall negative feeling.  Try saying “Excuse me”, “I didn’t mean to do that”, or just plain “Whoops!”
  2. Take the extra time – I know, none of us have enough time.  There’s always someone else to worry about and take care of. But that’s just it. It’s always someone else.  Unless you’re giving yourself some time to be alone and do simple favorite things, the stress can really add to your week.  Stop and sit alone for 15 minutes at a coffee shop you always meant to go to. Knit a little of that blanket every other day. Learn to play the piano one key at a time. Taking small chunks of time for yourself refreshes you for your time with others.
  3. Mirror talk – Remember in movies how teenage boys always talk to themselves in mirrors before the big dance? I’m not sure why we don’t do this as adults. Some mornings it makes a huge difference to look yourself in the eye and say “You got this.”
  4. Invest in your image – Often times we’re taught to purchase items for the family first and ourselves last. Sometimes we go without because of time or responsibilities. It’s ok to invest time and money into your image. Whether it’s clothes, time or money at the salon or updating your image. Try something new. Buy something that makes you feel beautiful.
  5. Start believing what people say – I have always found it hard to accept compliments. It’s easy to brush it off because they probably didn’t mean it. But what if they did? Why not believe every compliment someone gives you? Start saying “thank you” when people compliment you and not “Oh well it’s because…..” and give the credit to someone else. Take your compliments and believe them.woman standing in nature making a heart with her hands wearing a blue hat and pink sweater
  6. Make changes – Maybe you read this list and think you can’t do a single thing on it. I’ve been there too. So I decided to make a change.  I made a huge change by losing half my body weight and it was the best thing I ever did for my life. You can’t fully love others without loving yourself. If you don’t think that’s possible, maybe it’s time to make a change so that you can.



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Kim Galbreath is highly passionate about getting you to your goals. After starting her own fitness journey and losing 60% of her body weight, Kim understands the hard work it takes to create lasting change. She also has experience in boxing, running, powerlifting and obstacle course racing. No matter the goal, Kim will provide the motivation to accomplish it.

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