Staying Fit for Seniors

Stay Young with Club Greenwood

People of all ages should focus on their health! Seniors, in particular, may have difficulty discovering which exercises work best for their lifestyles. Luckily, we’re here to help. Those over 55 will find that Club Greenwood has a wide selection of fitness classes suited to their needs. Let’s look at some of our incredibly awesome fitness offerings for the senior community!

Personal Training

Club Greenwood has over 15 personal trainers, all certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Beyond that, we also have personal trainers with additional certifications as Senior Fitness Specialists. This is an excellent opportunity to receive individualized advice and training for your unique needs. Personal training will help seniors stay energetic and safely maintain quality health and fitness. Our Senior Fitness Specialists have been expertly trained to cater to active aging adults. They do so holistically, focusing on brain and body health through exercise programming, nutrition, and more.

Water Fitness

Water fitness is popular for older adults, providing a great low-impact cardio and strength workout. We offer a Shallow Water class, which conditions the whole body and may feature props such as buoys, noodles, and steps. This class aims to increase mobility, build strength, and improve cardiovascular health. Our Deep Water class involves intervals, circuits, balance challenges, and strength training for a fantastic comprehensive workout! This class is offered three days a week. These classes are good options for our seniors to take advantage of. You can view our Water Fitness schedule here.

Featured Classes for Seniors

We have a ton of featured classes tailored to seniors. You’ve probably heard of HIIT, but have you heard of LIIT? While HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, LIIT stands for Low-Impact Interval Training, which is especially great for seniors. In this cardio and strength class, you will also emphasize balance and flexibility without risking the impact on your joints. This class utilizes light weights, resistance tubing, and body weight exercises to work the whole body. 

One of our other unique classes is Punch Out Parkinsons. This is a non-combat boxing class that is specifically designed for those living with Parkinson’s disease. It features movements meant to improve balance, gait, posture, and strength and alleviate symptoms of PD. These are just some examples of the classes our seniors will enjoy.

Private Stretching

Stretching is essential, especially for older individuals. But take your stretching to the next level with our assisted stretching sessions. Our certified personal trainers are expertly equipped to help guide you through stretches that can enhance flexibility, reduce aches and pains, improve posture, and relieve stress. Using a technique known as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), our stretch instructors will help you increase your range of motion, which can reduce your risk of injury. This type of stretching is more effective than traditional stretching in improving the range of motion and may even help prevent myofascial knots.

As you can see, we have many wonderful workout options for seniors at Club Greenwood, and this is only a taste of what we offer. If you are a senior looking to improve your health and fitness, join us at Club Greenwood. We are more than happy to help you in your wellness journey. You can’t be young forever, but you can work towards more youthful energy when you stay on top of your fitness goals and work out with us!