Tips for Achieving Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

By Abby Derbyshire, Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist

Tips for Achieving Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap; however, the start of a new year is a motivator for many to start with a clean slate and get into action.

The trouble many run into is starting out with more than you can handle or having an approach that isn’t sustainable. These practices often lead to burnout and fatigue, later turning you away from these goals and reverting to what was “easier.” Here are some tips to get you started toward a healthier lifestyle.

1. Establish a solid “why”: Even in the most ideal situations, we can find ourselves unmotivated or feeling the plan is too hard. I say, show up anyway! Identifying the importance of the “why” behind your new commitment will be your reminder to stick with it and a reward that shows your dedication.

2. Goal setting: First, write the big goals that you want to achieve, then look at your process goals. These are the actions you take each day to get you to that end goal. For example, if your goal is to get off medication (depending on your circumstances, of course!) your process goals may include adding in one more serving of vegetables per day, aiming for more steps, and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink.

3. Fitness that works for you: Choose exercise that you enjoy and can be consistent with. Find something that works with your schedule like a Group Fitness class, a yoga class, or training sessions with a Personal Trainer. Put your workouts in your calendar and show up. The first couple of weeks will be the hardest, but you will adapt with time. (Also, refer to #1).

4. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand: Regardless of what your goal is this year, be it improved performance, strength, fat loss, etc., these two complement each other. While nutrition is a science, don’t overcomplicate the basics of a healthy diet. Eat adequate protein, drink plenty of water, eat your fruits and veggies, and choose whole food options most of the time.

5. Weight loss: This is one of the most popular goals going into a new year but think about the other things you could achieve if weight wasn’t your only focus.

  • Look at your exercise regimen and approach your diet from a standpoint that will best support that.
  • Strive for a body composition change. This requires thoughtful and intuitive nutrition choices. You would be amazed at what the appropriate proportions can do for your body.
  • Any physical journey will fluctuate. It will not be a linear process. There are a multitude of factors to take into consideration.

If you are interested in learning more tips to stay on track in your fitness journey, Club Greenwood Personal Trainers are ready to help!


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