How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Heart Health

By Abby Derbyshire, Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally but there are a number of ways to keep your heart healthy and prevent the onset of these conditions. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, maintenance of a healthy weight, stress management and quality sleep are all steps to take toward a lifestyle that will benefit your health.

Our hearts are a muscle, so just like any other muscle, they need to be worked to remain healthy and well-functioning. It’s recommended to aim for a minimum of 150 minutes per week of activity. Yes, walking counts! If you feel short on time, try adding 10 minutes a few times throughout your day to take a break and move around.

Food is medicine. With the basics of a healthy diet, you can significantly improve your health. Incorporating enough fiber from vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, can help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. Adding foods rich in omega-3s, like flaxseed, walnuts and salmon, can help protect your heart and your brain.

It’s easy to say “reduce stress”, but realistically stress is always a factor. Finding positive outlets to de-stress such as being outdoors, doing yoga, listening to a meditation or having tea with a friend, can help manage the pressure we put on our nervous system.

If you’re someone who enjoys drinking after work or on weekends, consider trying a new “mocktail.” Lots of restaurants are catering to the sober-curious crowd. The reduction of alcohol can significantly improve your overall health, especially when it comes to weight management and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Lastly, sleep is the secret ingredient to all aspects of health and recovery. The benefits of a restful night of sleep go beyond the absence of being tired. Create a sleep routine that works for you and helps you get seven to eight solid hours of rest. Evidence shows that people who maintain this can slow the aging of their heart and improve circulation to keep you looking younger!

A change in lifestyle and nutrition can help prevent and reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease states. A majority of our culture is so consumed with weight loss for aesthetic reasons that we often leave behind the importance of what it can do for our health. Working with a nutrition and fitness professional can increase sustainability and progress toward your goals. Come check out our team at Club Greenwood; we’re
excited to help you on your journey!


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